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The International Humanity Foundation is looking for volunteers to serve at our orphanage and education centre in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia and to be friends and teachers to our children. By bringing together the disadvantaged children of these countries and volunteers from across the world, there is a learning opportunity for both. As both sides discover more about each other and then teach others what they learned through this exchange, we hope to create a world of greater understanding and compassion.


Serving as a voluntourist is an amazing learning opportunity, both about the challenges of poverty and the workings of an international non-profit organization. Through one-on-one time with the children, you will learn intimately about the international issues of education, human rights, abuse and poverty. Depending on the center you serve at, you will also learn about local issues such as tribal rights, land ownership, citizen status and tribal conflicts. Work is tailored to the age of the voluntourists. Young children are encouraged to simply play with our children while teens and adults may be expected to teach classes and lead unique activities. IHF needs people with all skills. No matter your experience, whether a student or retired professional, IHF needs you. The centre host English, computer and math classes, and the children often seek tutoring for their homework, all tasks which volunteers take part in. You may also choose to participate in

international work in the administration of IHF which will teach you how an international non-profit operates on a day-to-day basis. It is important to note that these are intensive experiences. Once at the center, IHF requires its voluntourists to work four hours a day at the center, six day a week. There is time to sightsee and tour the nation, but work is always the first priority. IHF depends on its volunteers to function and to love the children. If you are not prepared to devote this time to work, you should look elsewhere for your service experience.

Cost: IHF is committed to offering a flexible, affordable service experience. There is no application fee, and the weekly fees for individuals are USD $150 and for couples and families only USD $200 to cover the costs for their room and board, both very simple, at the center. Only married couples and immediate family will be allowed to room together due to strict cultural codes.

Volunteer Type: Building schools, community development, childcare/children, culture, curriculum planning, disability issues, economic development education, English teaching, health, health care, health education, homelessness, hospital, housing, human rights, literacy, marketing, medicine, nutrition, orphans, popular education, primary education, street kids, teaching, women, water, writing, youth, youth development, academic reinforcement, AIDS/HIV, appropriate technology

Typical Volunteer: Our volunteers have a passion for immersion in foreign cultures, an openness to new experiences and flexible approach to work. At our centres they will work with local staff and directly with the local population in conditions very different from the Western world. Special projects constantly arise, from moving food during famine feeds to monitoring children during breaks. Our volunteers have a lot of say in what they do and designing projects as long as it is approved by the director and promotes the mission of IHF.

Available To Participants: World wide
Typical Living Arrangement: Group living
Participants Travel: Independently
Typically Participants Work: Independently or in groups, depending on siteApplication Requires: Resume, online application through volunteering@ihfonline.orgAdvertised: 11-10-10 | Closing Date: 10-11-10



Volunteers with IHF must speak English fluently and have a great attitude. They must also be mature, responsible, team players, fast learners, flexible and interested in global change through education and service. Most importantly, our volunteers must have an open heart and a willingness to help others and a passion to make a difference!
Mission Statement:

IHF focuses on educating and feeding children who come from the most marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. IHF has set up orphanages in Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand. We seek to provide a way for children to get an education that they desperately desire and are not able to receive. By educating and teaching these children that they are significant and competent, we also teach them that everyone has a voice that matters. IHF promotes self-sufficiency in the communities we work in, primarily focusing on the education, nutrition, and care of children. IHF encourages understanding and caring between people of all nations and religions in order to better prepare the leaders of future generations. We believe that by promoting communication and understanding between students from the poorest of the poor and individuals throughout the word, we will all be better educated by this exchange. Please visit www.ihfonline.org or send us an email at

volunteering@ihfonline.org if you want to learn more or have questions about volunteering with IHF.

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